The perfect British English accent!

A faultless English accent can be a passport to some of the greatest positions in the country and need not be too daunting to acquire.

Here at Voice Factory Stella will show you vocal techniques and steer you through, what perhaps may have seemed a jumble of conflicting rules.

Did you know that there are nine different pronunciations in English for the vowel O?

The vowels A and E each have five, I and U each have four!

Rules of pronunciation can vary according to the consonants following the vowel. Eg; Law and Lad, stack and stake, fur and fun, stock and stork, wok and work etc.

Some of these will both lengthen as well as alter the vowel.

All vowels and varying pronunciations will be presented as a coherent chart, and spoken onto your own smartphone for you to practice.

Creating space for these vowels is important as well as relaxing the root of the tongue and supporting the voice from the core abdominal muscles.

The position of the tongue during articulation of both vowels and consonants is key to achieving clarity. The more space created between the tongue and hard palate, the rounder and clearer the sound.

When articulating the consonants D, T, N, L, Y, the tongue is used lightly, allowing the root to remain relaxed. The power for sounding these consonants comes from the core muscles, the more relaxed the tongue root and the more pharyngeal space, the greater will be the projection. Imagine the strings of a guitar stretched over the opening of the hollow body of the instrument. It is the space within that body of the guitar which gives it the sound and the plucking action allows the sound to be articulated.

It will take you a couple of days to learn the rules, then it’s up to you! Practice! Practice!

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